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The City of New Ulm recently adopted a citywide Active Transportation Action Plan. It’ll help make the city better for people walking, bicycling, and using other human-powered ways of getting around as part of everyday life and for recreation. Read the complete plan here.

Executive Summary

The Active Transportation Action Plan is the result of an eight
month collaboration from September 2022 to April 2023. New Ulm’s Coalition for Active, Safe, and Healthy Streets (CASHS), a subgroup of the Heart of New Ulm with representation from the City of New Ulm, Brown County, New Ulm Public Schools, Bike MN, Allina Health and area residents served as the local planning team. With support from the MnDOT planning assistance team, CASHS set direction, co created strategy, and led a walking audit, citywide tour and network planning workshop. The plan builds on existing plans, conversations with residents, lessons learned from other cities and careful observation to establish recommendations that can help New Ulm continue to shift the culture toward an active, safe and healthy community.

The Action Plan serves as a living guide. It establishes clear, evidence-based and action-oriented priorities to guide future investments in making walking and bicycling safer and more accessible. The plan identifies priority routes within New Ulm that are most in need of improvements.

Specific actions are recommended for consideration and implementation in the Action Plan, including creating a comfortable environment downtown and making strategic improvements to street infrastructure that connect places where people live, work, learn and recreate.

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