Community-Owned and Driven Health Improvement Initiative

As a community-owned and driven health improvement initiative, the Heart of New Ulm maintains a diverse group of 12 community leaders and residents to oversee the decision making and work of the project.

This Leadership Team educates community leaders about the status of health equity in New Ulm and works to encourage decision makers to address health equity during their organizations’ decision-making processes. The team also manages HONU’s communications strategy and information.

Safer Street For People Who Walk Or Bicycle

Standing Membership

The following organizations have standing membership on the Leadership Team.

Additional members of the Leadership Team represent partnering organizations or individuals with a passion and skill set to help move this important initiative forward and ensure its success.

Members of the HONU Leadership Team

Jen Maurerv Headshot

Jen Maurer

New Ulm Medical Center

Jeff Bertrang Headshot

Jeff Bertrang

ISD #88
Carisa Buegler Headshot

Carisa Buegler

New Ulm Medical Center
Chris Dalton Headshot

Chris Dalton

City of New Ulm
Lydia Drexler Headshot

Lydia Drexler

Nate Groebner Headshot

Dr. Nate Groebner

New Ulm Medical Center
Sarah Leslie Headshot

Sarah Leslie

Community Representative
Michelle Markgraf

Michelle Markgraf

Community Representative
Karen Moritz Headshot

Karen Moritz

Brown County
Steve Schneider

Steve Schneider

New Ulm Medical Center Foundation
Sarah Warmka

Sarah Warmka

New Ulm Area Chamber of Commerce
Jessica Weisbrich Headshot

Jessica Weisbrich

Oak Hills Living Center
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