Our Sponsors

Thank You to Our Sponsors

The Heart of New Ulm (HONU) thanks all the community sponsors who have generously pledged financial support to continue the work of HONU as a community-owned health initiative. HONU thanks these sponsors for their commitment to helping HONU truly achieve its goal of helping everyone in the New Ulm and Brown County area improve their health.

Want to be a sponsor?

With your support as a sponsor, we can make New Ulm and Brown County a regional destination!

The Heart of New Ulm (HONU) continues to transition to be owned and driven by the community and it is a critical time for all of us to step up and own it. When we own the project, we continue the momentum and truly achieve our goal of helping everyone in our community improve their health.

As a sponsor, you can help HONU ensure that New Ulm and Brown County complete these and many other key activities:

  • Implement programs and outreach for those people who are most at risk for poor health outcomes.
  • Strengthen partnerships with community partners to increase access, availability and identification of healthier choices.
  • Develop infrastructure improvements, programs and equipment to help more people walk and bicycle safely in our community.
  • Develop an environment that will decrease alcohol, illicit and other drug abuse among Brown County residents.

For more information on becoming a sponsor, please contact us.

Citizens Standing on Bike Trail

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